Composerwave: Music Publishing 2.0

Posted by Richard Lane on 6 January 2014

The music publishing industry has worked pretty much the same way for centuries – if a composer is deemed significant enough, one of a small number of publishers buys the copyright for their music. From that point on the composer …

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Can justified text be justifed for the web?

Posted by Andy Reading on 4 September 2013

Can justified text be justified for the web? The answer, in case you were wondering, is no! As you continue to read this article I will explain  the disadvantages of justified text, and when it should be used. To begin, …

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Designing content managed websites

Posted by John Hughes on 22 August 2013

Content management systems give users control over the text, images, and other media that appear on their website. They can be powerful tools, but they vary differently from the typical programs used to edit print media. Pages and articles published …

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How wide is your website?

Posted by John Hughes on 9 August 2013

These days, almost everyone has a large, high resolution, widescreen monitor and so you might think it doesn’t matter how wide you design a website. Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple but there are ways of making more use …

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Fonts on the web

Posted by John Hughes on 12 July 2013

When you are designing a website, one important decision is the choice of fonts. Although the decision itself might be difficult, switching the font used in a graphics file is easy: you just pick one from a list of all …

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