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Join Castlegate and become a WordPress ninja!

Posted by Richard Lane on 28 March 2017

We’re hiring again! We have a vacancy for a web developer to specialise in the WordPress CMS. It doesn’t matter too much if you’ve never poked around underneath the bonnet in WordPress before, but if you know how to handcode HTML and CSS, how to use Javascript and jQuery, and have at least a smattering of PHP, we’ll teach you the rest. You’ll be building custom WP themes in no time.

We care about doing WordPress the right way – keeping functionality separate from styling and content, and keeping the whole lot up to date and secure. Our hundreds of satisfied clients rely on us to get this right. We take pride in making useable, accessible, standards-compliant and secure websites because we want the web to be a better place for everybody.

It won’t just be WordPress – you’ll also be called upon to work on static or bespoke sites from time to time.

We’re a friendly bunch of people, working from a great location in the centre of beautiful and historic York. Have a look at our recruitment page for full details about the job, the requirements, and what it’s like to work for Castlegate IT.

The deadline for applications is 8am on Tuesday April 18th – so you have the bank holiday weekend to polish your CV!

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