A major change to Google Analytics

by Castlegate IT 25 Apr 2023

What is happening?

On July 1st 2023 Google’s Universal Analytics service will stop processing data. To continue using Analytics you will need to switch to the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service which collects and reports data about visitors to your website. This shows how many people are visiting your website, when they do, and which pages they view.

How we can help

After assessing the websites we host and maintain we have identified two situations:

  1. No code change required. The changeover can be made in the Analytics dashboard. If you have Administrator or Editor access you can do this yourself, or if you prefer, we can assist.
  2. A code change is required. We will make this change and set up GA4 for you.

If your website was built in the last four years, or thereabouts, it is likely that the first situation applies. There will be no fees involved.

If your website is more than five years old it is more likely to be latter category. A small fee will be required for our developers to make the necessary changes.

If your visitor statistics are important and you want to ensure that GA4 is set up correctly please complete the form to request an assessment of your website and Analytics account:

Other important information

Previously processed data in your Universal Analytics account will remain available for at least 6 months from July 1st 2023. Historical reports can be exported during this time.

Advice from the experts:

“Don’t get too caught up in comparing Universal Analytics and GA4. The numbers won’t match. It’s a rabbit hole with no actionable or otherwise helpful outcome. This is not just a platform upgrade. It’s a completely new version of Google Analytics. GA4 is a new data model and a new user interface.”  Read the full article at Search Engine Journal.

Under the GDPR Google Analytics cookies are classed as non-essential.  As such user consent is required. See What are the rules on cookies and similar technologies? for details. If you wish to use Analytics and/or other non-essential cookies and tracking methods your website requires a consent management function to comply with the law.  Learn more about our automated tools for GDPR compliance.

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