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SEO & Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation

A website is only useful if people can find it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a range of techniques we use to improve your ranking in Google and other search engines. We work with you to determine target phrases, key products, and important services you wish to promote. We make sure these terms appear prominently in the content and key areas of the website code, so that search engines can find them and index them.

Copy writing and social media play a big part in your SEO strategy. We can help you produce content and set up accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and other networks to promote your site. We also offer copy writing services, giving you the best chance of being found online. There is no magic wand that will make your site appear at the top of Google’s index, but we have a great record of getting our sites higher in the search rankings and keeping them there.

Social Media

More and more businesses are taking advantage of social media to reach their customers. We can help you get up and running with FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, or improve your current social media set-up.

Social media set-up

We help ensure you have consistent branding across your accounts and set up feeds from your website or application to post updates automatically. Your accounts can all be linked so that you do not need to update each one individually.

Social media posts

Our social media post management service takes the hassle out of running your Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ll draw up a schedule of posts that will engage your audience and establish a strong social media presence. We also manage sponsored posts, targeted by location, interests and other factors.