Dalby Firewood

Dalby Firewood is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of environmentally friendly seasoned hardwood logs, well known for their high quality products; with their logs having astoundingly low moisture content, they produce a long carbon-neutral burn without producing smoke.

The brief

When Dalby Firewood came to us they already had an online store, but it wasn’t fit for their purposes and introduced many pain points in the process of managing and processing both online & offline orders.

Our initial brief was simple, it was to build a store suited for their exact requirements of processing online & offline orders through a well established workflow, whilst also being flexible about payment options and easing the process for customers to order their products.

As Dalby Firewood’s business has boomed, that simple list of requirements has evolved and expanded and the current system now facilitates voucher codes; bulk discounts; nationwide deliveries via a complex multi-zonal pricing & availability sub-system; a delivery management & scheduling subsystem; and a numerous third-party integrations.

The application

We built Dalby Firewood’s online store atop the CodeIgniter framework, which is a framework that we have a tremendous amount of internal experience with. On top of CodeIgniter we included our own user management system, built a brand new product catalogue and cart management system, and a dedicated administration section with facilities to manage orders from start to finish.

The technology

An optional extra at the time, but standard for all of the websites we build nowadays, Dalby Firewood was built responsively with a mobile-first approach. This ensured the website was accessible and functional for everybody, no matter whether a potential customer is browsing in the office from a desktop PC, on their phone on a train home, or sitting on their sofa with an iPad.

The website was also secured with a security certificate from day 1, which is vital for any website handling users’ sensitive information (user account credentials, addresses, payment details, etc) and nowadays is actively encouraged for all new websites by ourselves as well as industry leaders such as Google and Mozilla.

Over the year’s the Dalby Firewood website has evolved to integrate various third-party technologies, including on-site reviews via reviews.co.uk; mailing list management via Campaign Monitor; and ad management & performance tracking via Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

The result

Since the initial system we built for Dalby Firewood went live, their business has continually grown and we’ve had to evolve the system with them. Nowadays they’re processing hundreds of orders every month, worth tens of thousands of pounds, and delivering nationwide. They also are actively engaged in marketing campaigns through mailing lists, ads, and other channels to continue growing the business, and the system we built for them continues to evolve alongside their success.

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