Multi-language website development

Multi-language websites are not only for businesses who sell abroad. While the appeal of breaking new markets, boosting international SEO, and building global trust in your brand is undeniable, some of the most persuasive motives for translating your website are far closer to home.

At Castlegate IT we have been putting powerful translation technology in the hands of our customers for years. While some of our clients seek to increase their worldwide sales, others simply wish to stay on the right side of the law, or better support service users on their doorstep. So whatever your reason for translation, we can speak your language.

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Flexible, reliable translations

As experts in both Neural Machine Translation and WordPress Multilingual Plugins, we draw on a whole suite of products and tools to craft a solution around our clients’ needs, and can flex as their business flourishes.

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Obsession with quality and detail

All our multi-language offerings enable manual editing of translations, which means that you can have as much or as little control as you need, and still keep complete confidence in the end result.

Illustrating multi-language functionality

Optimise online accessibility

If you have an urgent need to provide service users with valuable content in their native language, we can set you up with over a hundred languages available immediately upon installation.

Read on to find out how multi-language website development has benefited our clients

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Operating across North Yorkshire, Survive provides specialist counselling and support to people who have experienced sexual trauma. Survive works with ​any adults (men, women, LGBT community), who have experienced rape, sexual assault or child sexual abuse, to help them ​rebuild their lives, relationships and reach their potential.

For Survive, reaching as many people as possible in their native language was essential. They needed the valuable information and resources they provide to be both accessible and inclusive. We utilised the full multi-language capabilities of our NMT plugin, to immediately extend the reach of the site’s important work to the speakers of over a hundred different languages.

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An example of high end desktop design with multi-language functionality

Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts are a not-for-profit organisation centred around a small collective of highly skilled professionals. The organisation’s aim is to help local people help other local people. They offer bespoke solutions in people-led social care and health and bring their values, creativity, and passion to everything they do.  Their work has local impact and national influence.

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An example of high end desktop design with multi-language functionality

Small Good Stuff

Small Good Stuff links people who need care and support with local people and organisations that can provide help. The website is aimed at two types of user: people looking for support and organisations offering support services.

When we first worked with Community Catalysts and Small Good Stuff on their websites, their offering was English language only. But as the scope of their work grew to include more contracts in Wales, the legal requirements governing their sites changed and they had to treat the Welsh and English languages equally in their materials. We used our cutting-edge NMT products to translate their websites, and Community Catalysts brought in native Welsh speakers to review the translations. Across the board they found the translations fluent and engaging, and made only minor tweaks.

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An example of high end desktop design with multi-language functionality


Q-BEx is an international research project aimed at addressing the question of how best to measure the language experiences of bilingual and multilingual children. The Q-BEx website is central to the project. It provides an online platform where speech and language researchers can create online questionnaires for multilingual children. With the back-end of the site providing flexible tools for professionals to customise the questionnaire; the front-end of the site serves as a public-facing information base for parents, teachers and other individuals and organisations.

Using a database of human translations, we built an extendable translation system into the site which would allow questionnaires to be generated in a number of different languages. The Q-BEx site has been presented at several conferences where it has attracted a lot of interest from the language research community, and is already being used in research projects in several countries.

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XANDOR Plastics

XANDOR Plastics was founded in 2022 as an amalgamation of XANDOR Automotive Plastics Division and Mürdter Group – each a well-known organisation with long-running expertise in the plastics industry. Combining this wealth of knowledge with cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, XANDOR Plastics offers high-performance technical plastic solutions to customers around the world.

As a global brand with divisions across Europe and in Asia XANDOR came to us about taking their web presence multi-lingual. We harnessed the adaptable and high quality framework provided by WordPress Multilingual Plugin to roll out four entirely new websites in their chosen target languages and XANDOR brought in translators of their choosing to provide the content to populate these sites. The first phase implemented German and Czech, and the second phase included Chinese.

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TMSDI Questionnaires

Corporate team profiling experts TMS Development International (TMSDI) bring an integrated approach to personal, team and organisational performance in the fields of learning and development. One of the cornerstones of their approach is a set of psychometric profiling tools known as Margerison-McCann Team Management Profiles.

We built them an intuitive, multilingual online questionnaire application which was optimised for viewing and responding via mobile phone. The application supports 15 languages and offers support for right-to-left text. The site has been built to allow the administrator to continue adding languages indefinitely – and even add custom variations on existing languages.

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