WordPress cyber security for corporate brands

Cybercrime is on the rise. There is no escaping that reality. Data breaches can cost millions and, for large corporations, the reputation of a valuable brand is at stake. Castlegate IT helps household names secure their WordPress websites to the highest level.

We audit every potential vulnerability and fortify it, working to the custom cyber security requirements of each client, and adhering to industry best practices. That’s why global brands trust Castlegate IT to design, build and maintain their WordPress websites.

All our Wordpress websites are secure

Custom made with expert knowledge

We have developed an advanced cyber security service for corporate WordPress websites. Designing this suite of solutions has required our consultants to become as intimately acquainted with the inner workings of WordPress as any specialists in the field. Few WordPress developers have built to the custom specifications and complexity that we have delivered for our clients.

The Castlegate IT team

A worldwide standard for global brands

The industry best practices we follow are those created by the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP), a foundation committed to advancing software security. We hold ourselves accountable to the OWASP Secure Coding Practices, a standard that developers from across the world must meet when securing software and applications.

Compliant but never complacent

The biggest single cause of website hacks is human error, so there can be no complacency when it comes to WordPress security compliance. To reach the OWASP standards, our code is meticulously peer-reviewed throughout the build. Sophisticated penetration testing is employed by an accredited third party to further evaluate the website.

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The M&S Archive

We were commissioned to design, specify, and build a bespoke WordPress-based website to provide a visitor interface for the historic collection of documents, photographs, artefacts, and digital assets housed in the M&S Archive.

We worked with the M&S Archive team in a collaborative process, with an extended development period, to ensure that the website adhered to the company-wide cyber security policies of Marks and Spencer Group plc. The website was secured comprehensively following the OWASP guidelines. We enhanced WordPress session security, improved password policies, and prevented the information leakages a standard WordPress installation would have left them vulnerable to.

The OWASP practises are typically applied to large, high-risk web-based applications. In this case we implemented them due to the value of the M&S brand. Without further hardening, WordPress fails to meet many standards within the OWASP secure coding practices. And off-the-shelf plugins simply cannot cover all best practices, so we developed bespoke security enhancements to satisfy the standards exactly.

The result was an elegant website which is fast, accessible, and easy to use. Beneath that sits a system that is compliant to the highest level of cyber security attainable within WordPress development. This gave the M&S Archive peace of mind that their brand reputation, and the trust of their millions of customers would be protected.

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