Melton’s Restaurant

Since it was founded in 1997, Melton’s Restaurant has been one of York’s finest restaurants, with a tradition of innovative cuisine based on local produce, served in beautiful surroundings. We have worked with its owner, Michael Hjort, on sites for the Walmgate Ale House and the York Food Festival and we were delighted to be working with him again on this prestigious project.

Our new design uses a combination of modern and classical typography that complements the restaurant’s ethos as a contemporary space in an historic city. High-quality photography of food from the restaurant and easy access to menus help entice visitors to make a booking via the embedded online booking system. Melton’s is host to numerous regular and one-off events throughout the year and the new design makes these a prominent feature on the site.

We used WordPress as a basis for the site, providing easy content editing for Michael and his team. The theme and plugins are entirely bespoke, providing just the required features and nothing more. And, like all our sites, we used responsive design to adapt the layout to different devices, from the smallest smartphones to the largest desktop monitors.

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