Tang Hall Big Local

In December 2012 Tang Hall in York was selected to be part of a National Lottery funded programme, along with 150 other areas in England. Funded by the National Lottery and managed by Local Trust, the scheme allows local residents, groups and organisations to decide how and where to spend National Lottery funding within their local area.

With £1 million to spend, Big Local wants to see communities identify their local needs and take relevant action, make a real difference in their areas and to feel their area is a better place to live.

We were commissioned to build the Tang Hall Big Local (THBL) website which allows community groups to participate and share news and events. Starting with a clean and vibrant design, it was an ambitious project built upon WordPress with heavy customisation.

Local businesses and groups may register to create their own businesses directory pages, showcasing their services and events. Different tiers of membership allow THBL to grant access to additional features for important local groups. All news and events posted to business directories are fed through to the site’s main news and events section, making the THBL website a definitive source of what’s going on in the area.

The website will be used to develop the Tang Hall Local Plan, which includes something for all local residents. It also aims to bring together the people of Tang Hall and build a stronger community with a sense of belonging.


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