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York Timber have been producing timber garden buildings for over 25 years. They design and manufacture buildings including summer houses, garden sheds and dog kennels from their factory near York; and sell them online and at their 5 show-sites throughout Yorkshire.

The brief

York Timber approached Castlegate in need of a new website. The existing York Timber website was costing a great deal of money to run, and was so difficult to use that customers were being deterred from buying their products. York Timber’s needs were complicated by the range of products and configuration options offered: they required a website that could present this multitude of options to customers in an intuitive way.

The website

Castlegate built a sophisticated yet simple-to-use website for York Timber. Straightforward categorisation of products makes it easy to select the desired product type, which can then be customised to the customer’s requirements on the product page. The site dynamically calculates the price based on the selected options, so customers can easily view and compare the price of different sizes of building and extras such as doors and windows.

The result

We’re happy to report that York Timber’s new site is a success. The new ergonomic shop interface combined with simple yet attractive design has proven successful in converting site visits to sales, evidenced by the number of customers now placing orders on the site.


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