Ethical policy

We believe in the positive power of the web to inform and connect people across the world. We want the web to be a better place – easy to use, accessible to everyone and secure. We also want our workplace to be as good a place as it can be.

We recognise that the choices we make as a business affect the world outside our office. Castlegate IT is determined to be a responsible member of the York business community. We must recognise and take responsibility for our behaviour as a company in the same way as we must individually as human beings. To that end, we’ve written a company ethical policy which sets out some parameters on how we will work. Everyone in the company was invited to have input, and we will continue to revise and hopefully strengthen it in future. It sets out a few guidelines on who we would be prepared to work for, how we buy goods and equipment, and commits us to paying out from a ‘community fund’. Read the ethical policy in full here (PDF document).

One part of our policy is the Community Fund, which supports the work of not-for-profit organisations working either locally in the York community or globally in the open source community. Recipients are nominated by Castlegate staff, with all nominations being put to a vote. You can read about some of the organisations that have received donations in the past: York Cats Protection and the York Floods Appeal.

Why would a medium-sized web development company need an ethical policy? When working in the digital world it’s easy to forget that all our business activities have an impact on the real physical world. And as time goes by we may not always be medium sized. It’s never too early to think about what you stand for.