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Castlegate provide a comprehensive and transparent Pay-Per-Click (PPC) consultancy service. We use evidence-based practices to produce outstanding results for businesses of any size and budget.

Whether you’re thinking of taking your first foray into online advertising or you’ve been running PPC ads for a while without seeing the results you want, we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

PPC Agency in York

Compelling ads

All of our PPC campaigns are built around compelling, eye-catching and well-targeted ads. We thoroughly research industries and target audiences to ensure that individual products and services are shown to exactly the right people.

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In-depth monitoring and analysis

We closely monitor performance data to inform ongoing campaign optimisations, ensuring the best possible performance at any budget.

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Honest, detailed reporting

Unlike many PPC agencies, we provide individualised reporting for each and every client, complete with details of the work we’ve been doing to improve the campaign.

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The Tarpaulin Company

The Tarpaulin Company previously managed their own Google Ads but were seeing mixed results. Having built a new website for The Tarpaulin Company, we were asked to take over management of their Google Ads account to attract more customers to the site.

After reviewing The Tarpaulin Company’s service and product catalogue, we produced a set of new and carefully targeted ads to advertise individual products to people making relevant searches. Thanks to ongoing optimisations, the new ad campaigns have proven highly successful, attracting a substantial number of customers at a low cost-per-click.

Thorough conversion tracking means that The Tarpaulin Company can see exactly how many phone calls, emails and contact form submissions are generated by their ads. Tracking revenue from their online shop and the number of uses of their Design-A-Tarp tool gives additional valuable information on which ads are most effective.

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Dalby Firewood

The ad campaigns we run for Dalby Firewood promote their core products year-round and are responsible for a significant proportion of their business. In addition, we run seasonal campaigns to promote other products such as barbecue charcoal at specific times throughout the year.

Detailed monitoring and conversion tracking enables us to report important information back to them, such asĀ  the average cost per conversion and the amount of revenue that their different ad campaigns are generating. Through ongoing optimisation we’re able to display prominent ad placements for a low price and ensure a good return on investment.

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Your Marquee

Having paid for Google Ads for a number of years but not seen a great return on investment, Your Marquee asked us to overhaul their advertising campaigns in 2017. By properly researching the market and carefully structuring their account, we were able to increase the amount of traffic from ads and decrease their monthly spend.

Key to the success of the new ad campaigns was the implementation of conversion tracking. Your Marquee now have quantitative evidence of the performance of their ads, enabling them to make well-informed decisions regarding their business.

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Hire a Funfair

The website we built for Hire a Funfair features a number of location-specific landing pages. To complement these, we run a set of localised ad campaigns for specific areas of the country. This way, users searching for relevant services in their area are shown appealing and relevant ads and are directed to their local landing page. Through careful targeting and research, we’re able to secure high-ranking ads with excellent conversion rates.

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