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Websites for manufacturing and engineering companies

Even in technical fields, the importance of a well-designed website shouldn’t be overlooked. Having an high-performance professional website is a crucial requirement for any successful manufacturing or engineering company.

At Castlegate, we’ve developed high-end websites for countless manufacturing and engineering companies nationwide, including HARSH UK, Rosti Automotive and Hindle Group . Having worked with engineers and manufacturers for years, we understand the importance of precision, reliability and quality; and we aim to reflect this in every website we build.

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A focus on precision

Our websites are hand-crafted to an exceptionally high standard, with a focus on impeccable visual appearance, functionality and ease of use on all devices.

Sector specific understanding

We understand that no two businesses are the same. Our experienced team of web developers build every website with exactly that in mind.

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Driving success

Our aim is to create outstanding websites that drive enquiries, leads and sales for manufacturing and engineering organisations of all sizes.

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XANDOR Plastics

XANDOR Plastics, a leading provider of technical plastic components, needed a website which could showcase the company’s wide-ranging technical expertise clearly and concisely.

We refined stylistic elements from their established brand identity to create a clean and professional website. Bespoke photography of products and manufacturing facilities immediately convey XANDOR Plastics’ capabilities, while well-organised service and product pages provide extra information to those looking for it.

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Harsh UK

Precision hydraulics manufacturer Harsh UK needed a website to enable customers to easily navigate and understand the company’s distinctive range of high-performance technical products.

We designed and hand-coded a bespoke website, using the industry-leading WordPress platform.  We built on their unique branding and artwork, using icons and drawings to create an intuitive and engaging user experience. We have ensured that the site is easy to use across all devices and customers can easily navigate to where they need to be.

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Rosti Automotive

A website created for a leading automotive supplier, with an emphasis on imagery and visual impact. Rosti Automotive wanted their website to focus on public relations and recruitment, so it was crucial that we produced a clean and professional website that showcased the organisation’s brand identity.

We designed the site around Rosti Automotive’s distinctive branding and commissioned bespoke photography of the company’s staff and factory. The combination of prominent branding, minimal design and high-quality imagery create an effective and engaging experience for prospective employees and the public.

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The Tarpaulin Company

Following a brand refresh, we worked with the Tarpaulin Company to design and build a new website which has enabled the company to achieve a strong presence online.

We built a visually engaging and easy-to-navigate site with an e-commerce platform which enabled The Tarpaulin Company to sell their products online for the first time. We also implemented a bespoke “Design a Tarp” feature, which enables users to specify the dimensions, shape and material of a custom tarpaulin or cover. The site then instantly generates a quote and gives the customer the option to order. This has enabled The Tarpaulin Company to facilitate a large number of custom orders without increasing staff overheads.

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The Hindle Group

We were commissioned by Hindle to produce a new website for the group and each of its 3 divisions to bring their online presence up to date and inline with their marketing objectives. We also made some improvements to their branding in order to ensure consistent use across their marketing materials.

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ARC Building Solutions

The website we built for ARC Building Solutions draws from their pre-existing branding to produce a cohesive and professional look. The new website presents ARC as an industry leading organization while providing an easy browsing experience for construction industry workers who may be onsite or on the go.

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East Riding Sacks

As the largest paper sack manufacturer in the UK, East Riding Sacks needed a website that would showcase them as a true industry leader. We relied heavily on bespoke photography to communicate what the East Riding Sacks is all about: pictures of processes, employees and products convey the level of expertise offered by the company.

We built the navigation system so that visitors could sort information either by industry or product type, streamlining the user’s journey through the website. Prominent signposting and contact options mean that the website reliably captures prospective customers and enables them to easily get in touch.

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XANDOR Automotive

Visual impact was key with the website we built for Xandor Automotive. We created a striking and modern site design which helps to unify this global organisation’s identity. A carefully thought-out site structure keeps the site uncluttered while ensuring that detailed product and service information is readily available for those who need it.

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Logopak is a leading manufacturer of print and apply labelling systems, supplying machines to companies throughout the world. The site makes use of white space, the sharp angles based on the company logo, and interactive elements to give a sense of movement and visual interest. The result is a site that is recognisably Logopak while also standing out from the crowd.

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NoxDown is an independent manufacturer and distributor of Adblue® based in Yorkshire. We were asked to build a new website to house NoxDown’s online shop and provide information on the company’s services.

We implemented a bespoke WordPress content management system that allows NoxDown staff to easily add new content to their website. The shop section of the website is linked to Mal’s E-commerce cart system and PayPal.

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