2023 – Year in Review

2023 has been another busy year at Castlegate IT with new clients coming on board and exciting projects completed successfully.

We’ve continued to strengthen our existing relationships as well as building new partnerships with inspiring and innovative brands. Some exceptional work has come out of the last 12 months. Here are some of the highlights…

An example of high end charity and not for profit design visualised on a desktop device

M&S Archive

Bringing the rich history of M&S to life with a website that emulates exploring a physical museum, this unique collection of merchandise, photographs, recordings and company documents charts the brand’s history since 1884. Prioritising usability, accessibility and speed, the M&S Archive provides internal teams and independent researchers with an immersive experience of the different collections, timelines and highlights of the company’s history. Clear signposting and enhanced search capability allows users to explore and drill down to artefacts and collections. With tens of thousands of archive pieces, combined with enhanced cyber security to meet rigorous company standards, the M&S Archive celebrates the products, company and culture of one of the country’s most loved brands.

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An example of high end charity design visualised on a desktop device

Autism Plus

Providing resources for two distinct audiences, Autism Plus’s website was developed with a clear brief to make information accessible to assist and support neurodivergent individuals into work. The efficient navigation and inclusion of third-party software for enhanced accessibility makes finding information easy and delivers a highly intuitive user experience. Helping both neurodivergent individuals and employers, Autism Plus’s website drives users quickly and easily to their information goal with an intelligent filtering system, ensuring the appropriate information is available to the specific audience. An extra bonus of the website is its value to external stakeholders such as councils, employers and education establishments. These organisations now signpost their users to Autism Plus because of the clear route to sourcing the information to meet their needs.

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An example of high end not for profit design visualised on a desktop device

North Yorkshire East Federation of Women’s Institutes

The launch of a new website for NYEFWI offered the chance to expand their reach, appeal and resources to a wider audience, whilst making events more accessible to members. Previously limited by a paper-based booking system, one of the aims of the new website was to create an adaptive booking system that could be configured by event type. Bespoke code was written to allow editors to customise events, reducing administration time and offering a modern, easy to navigate booking system for their 2,500 members. Bringing the event booking process online has led to an increase in bookings and member satisfaction. The design is contemporary, with engaging navigation, ease of accessibility and an attractive look and feel – reflecting the members, values and outlook of NYEFWI.

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Crustacean Industry Welfare Hub

Founded in 2022 after a change in UK law to recognise crustaceans as sentient beings, non-profit Crustacean Compassion’s aim is to educate and engage businesses to increase welfare standards in the supply chain. We were engaged to create a distinctive brand identity and website that would increase awareness and provide resources to drive improved standards of crustacean welfare. With contemporary and distinctive branding, clear navigation and gated information for email capture, the website is leading evidence-based conversation about crustacean welfare, increasing standards in fisheries, processors, restaurateurs and retailers across the UK.

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Car Lease & Go

With a clear brief to leverage SEO to drive more visitors to the website, Car Lease & Go helps clients with poor credit history to search and lease a wide range of vehicles. The dynamic and intuitive search functionality allows visitors to drill down quickly and easily to the car of their choice and view the funding options available. Prospective customers that don’t have a specific make and model in mind can search the wider range of available vehicles to fit their needs and budget. With a distinctive look and feel that perfectly fits the vehicle hire industry, the website inspires trust and has driven engagement by appealing to a wider consumer base.

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Safe Space for Women – The Traveller Movement

Safe Space for Women is an initiative from the Traveller Movement to provide support and advice for those experiencing, or survivors of, domestic abuse from the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities (‘GRT’). The aim of the website is to make GRT women aware of their legal rights and local support organisations. Structured for easy navigation and with an exit button prominently displayed on each page, users can quickly leave the website for their own safety. The website has third-party software from Reach Deck to increase accessibility for users with limited literacy, freedom or time to access the content. Featuring friendly imagery and a range of engaging video content from the Traveller Movement, the website enables those needing help to access information, resources and help safely, quickly and easily.

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Clifton Green Primary School

Catering to three distinct audiences – current pupils, their parents and families of prospective pupils – Clifton Green Primary School’s website content is specific and appropriate to the different users. With distinctive, clear and intuitive navigation, users can access engaging content that’s straightforward, easy to digest and age-appropriate. Intelligent filtering of events by year group and a prominent ‘quick links’ toolbar presents information in a logical, digestible way and promotes interest. Whilst catering to different users, the website presents information and resources in a way that promotes the values of the school and entices users into deeper engagement.

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The Cemetery Research Group

Expanding the understanding of funeral culture around the world, the Cemetery Research Group provides information and resources to global scholars about the emotional, social and religious practices around mortal remains. The new website allows global scholars to connect with one another through networking functionality, as well as research organisations that have an interest in the disposal of the dead. With an extensive bibliography of publications spanning 30 years, we incorporated and configured an intuitive search function so users could access specific information quickly and easily. The website has been successful in expanding the reach of the Cemetery Research Group and providing scholars and researchers across the world with tools and resources to foster research, communication and collaboration.

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Maximising opportunities for our clients, through their websites

As WordPress experts and engineers that really understand the inner workings of the WP platform, we’ve been able to work with our clients to give them the specific functionality they need to maximise opportunities through their websites. An industry-leading website design and development company in York established for more than 13 years, we continue to work with some of our first clients who value our friendly approach, technical expertise and wide range of services.

We’re looking forward to some exciting new projects in 2024. Here, we’ve brought you some of the highlights of 2023 and, in the coming months, we’ll bring you more information on projects we undertake to support our local, national and international clients.