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Castlegate IT has been producing great websites for more than 10 years. Our team of designers and developers combine extensive industry experience with the latest technologies to create bespoke websites and web applications for our clients. We have worked on everything from static product pages to completely custom ecommerce solutions for customers across the world. We hold ourselves to a very high standard: all our code is written in house and all our sites follow the latest standards for mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers.

Planning and Support

Our first job is to listen to you. From your initial enquiry, we will work with you to organise and plan the important content and functionality of your website. We want to understand your business or project and make it a success. You are always welcome to visit us in our city centre office and we will keep you informed throughout the development process. All our work is carried out in house, so we can provide you with the best training and support after the project is complete.

The design process: sitemaps, wireframes and mockups


Web design is about more than just making a site look nice. Our sites follow best practices for user interface design, making them easy to use and accessible. We also use responsive web design to create websites that work on mobiles, tablets, and traditional desktop computers. We will work with you throughout the design process to make sure you get the look you want and your customers get the site they need.

Content management

WordPress is our content management system of choice. For our clients, it provides a familiar and easy to use interface. For us, it gives us enormous flexibility in how we manage site content. We write entirely bespoke themes and plugins to suit each project, giving our clients everything from blogs to galleries to event management and more. We know that every site is different and our custom WordPress installations make them easy for you to edit and manage.


Sometimes a project is more than just a website and you need something entirely new, completely unique. When this is the case, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty writing PHP to produce a bespoke web application. How about a professional network for the fitness industry? Or a psychometric testing system? Or a royalty management system for musicians? The possibilities are endless and nothing is too big or too unusual for our expert developers. Visit the bespoke section of our website for more information.


Lancaster Samms property page in desktop and tablet views

Lancaster Samms property page in desktop and tablet views

For many people, smartphones and tablets are now the primary means of accessing the internet. There are more than a billion smartphones in the world and almost half of online sales are made on mobile devices. This is a growing market and one you cannot ignore. At Castlegate IT, all our new websites are optimised to work on mobile phones and tablets as well as traditional computers. We use responsive web design to produce sites that adapt to the size of screen so they work equally well, no matter what device is being used to view them. Because there is no separate “mobile” and “desktop” versions of the site, there is only one system for you to update, making a responsive site easy to manage.