Louisa Machado

Director & Project Manager

Louisa Machado has been the Senior Project Manager at Castlegate IT for the past five years.   Louisa plays a key role in projects from inception to completion.  As your main point of contact throughout, Louisa is responsible for ensuring clear and effective communication, a high quality of service and timely delivery.

As project manager Louisa’s remit includes identifying project milestones, scheduling work and ensuring that key information and detail is clearly and appropriately communicated.   Following our clear project process, working closely with our creative and technical teams, Louisa brings our understanding and experience of engagement context and audience, existing market interrogation and audience research together with additional insight gathered during the specification phase to supervise collaboration and deliver client aims and objectives, maximising return  on investment whilst mindful of budget.

Louisa oversees regular meetings, involving key stakeholders and relevant members of our design and development team to monitor progress throughout the specification, design and development process and to discuss issues or questions as they arise, taking this forward to maintain an agile approach throughout the project.