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Selling products online? Castlegate builds high-performance online shops and ecommerce websites that are easy for both customers and sellers to use. All of our ecommerce sites are constructed around the hugely popular and customisable WooCommerce platform, giving enabling us to build powerful and flexible solutions to suit the needs of any company.

Through the years, we’ve put together ecommerce sites for all kinds of businesses, from luxury wallpaper designer Hattie Lloyd to industrial hydraulics experts HARSH UK. Whether you’re looking to sell your products online for the first time, or want to find a more flexible ecommerce solution for your business, we can help.

Conversions through usability

When it comes to ecommerce, user experience is absolutely paramount. By carefully considering user journeys and making them as straightforward as possible, we ensure that conversion rates are maximised.

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Increasing online presence

Intelligent and informed search-engine-optimisation mean our websites attain excellent rankings on search engines, giving your company the online presence it needs to succeed.

Driving high quality traffic

We offer a fully managed Google Ads service with monthly reporting, enabling you to actively target people who are interested in your products and services and drive high-quality traffic to your online shop.

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Dalby Firewood

We were asked to redesign Dalby Firewood’s existing ecommerce system to improve the experience of customers using the online shop and reduce the administrative burden placed on the company during the winter months.

Since the initial success of our solution, we’ve worked with Dalby to expand their ecommerce platform. The system now incorporates a range of third-party technologies including on-site reviews via, mailing list management via Campaign Monitor, and ad management & performance tracking via Google Ads and Google Analytics.

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London-based company Buttonbag produces a range of fun craft and activity kits for kids. The site we built for them is all about engagement: we wanted to create a site that children would be excited about, while also making it easy for parents to use.

A bright and colourful site design acts as a backdrop to high quality photographs of Buttonbag’s craft kits, and a dedicated community page provides a range of fun activities and videos for families to enjoy together. For the shop itself, we developed a custom WooCommerce theme that would give Buttonbag an unrestricted layout suitable for hosting their ever-expanding product catalogue.

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Rollaturf’s new website played an important role in the company’s expansion beyond the North East and across the UK.

We carefully streamlined the user journey to make it as simple as possible for customers to find out what they need and place an order. An instant quote system and turf calculator enable visitors to easily find out how much turf they need for a project, get an instant quote (including VAT and delivery costs) and add the order to their basket. Several local landing pages bolster Rollaturf’s search-engine presence and tie in with their locally targeted Google Ads campaigns.

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The Balloon Tree

Flexibility was the name of the game when building a new website for local farm shop and café The Balloon Tree.

As a heavily seasonal business, The Balloon Tree needed a website which could showcase the best of their produce throughout the year. We built a website and online shop which could change with the seasons: from selling customizable Christmas hampers and festive foods in the winter months to advertising pick-your-own fruit in the summer, a set of flexible templates enable The Balloon Tree team to easily keep their website up-to-date.

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Royal Fireworks Press

Royal Fireworks Press is a publishing company that specialises in high-quality educational books for children. Our goal was to build a new site that would make it effortless for visitors to navigate and make purchases from RFP’s expansive product catalogue. Alongside a carefully thought-out navigation system, we built-in a number of features to streamline the user’s journey from homepage to checkout; including product favouriting, cross-linking between relevant items, and Google pay compatibility.

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Car Lease and Go

Specialist vehicle providers Car Lease and Go came to us with a clear and decisive brief: they needed a new website to increase traffic and boost business.

Every element of the design for this website is geared towards driving engagement. The look of the site is instantly striking, with a visual identity that is dynamic yet trustworthy. We bespoke coded a powerful search function that enables intuitive cross-category filtering. The result is a highly searchable website which appeals to the widest possible consumerbase, to help the client achieve their business goals.

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Hebden Tea

Hebden Tea is a Yorkshire-based supplier of teas from across the world. Offering unique flavour combinations, the aim of the website is to showcase the extensive range of products and deliver an exceptional user experience.

We developed a modern and sophisticated website with clear navigation and dynamic filtering, enabling the user to find and buy teas with ease. Integration with business-critical systems ensures the client can manage stock in real-time across multiple locations.

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Pay-Per-Click Consultant York

The Tarpaulin Company

We developed a new website for The Tarpaulin Company, with an online shop which enabled them to sell products online for the first time. With the majority of The Tarpaulin Company’s work taking the form of bespoke tarpaulins and covers, we built a ‘design a tarp’ tool which allows customers to select a shape, provide measurements, get an instant quote and buy online.

In addition, we manage a Google Ads campaign for The Tarpaulin Company to target prospective customers and direct them to the website. The combination of an effective online shop with a carefully targeted advertising campaign has enabled The Tarpaulin Company to significantly enhance their reach, and has increased their ability to process custom orders with a smaller staff overhead.

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Harsh UK

We built a new website for hydraulics manufacturer Harsh UK, including a fully-featured ecommerce system which enabled customers to easily navigate the company’s extensive range of technical products.

We designed a distinctive site for Harsh UK which builds on their unique branding and artwork. The customer’s journey on the site is made more straightforward through the use of icons and line drawings, making the process of buying products online from Harsh UK intuitive and simple.

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York Modelmaking

York Modelmaking asked us to build them a new website with two key purposes: to strengthen their online presence, and to enable their customers to order products online.

We built an eye-catching and responsive site featuring an online shop built using WooCommerce. In-depth search engine optimisation of the new website ensures that it ranks highly in search engine results, and a well-considered user journey ensures that it successfully converts visitors into customers.

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The Laurence Sterne Trust

The Laurence Sterne Trust is dedicated to promoting the works of 18th century novelist Laurence Sterne, primarily through a museum and education centre built in Sterne’s old home, Shandy Hall.

Alongside a wealth of information on exhibits and events, the site features an easy-to-use online shop where visitors can purchase items from Shandy Hall. Straightforward content management tools mean the trust can easily keep the shop updated with limited-run items, while prominent donation links mean the site serves as a vital fundraising tool.

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Hattie Lloyd Wallpaper

Castlegate built a completely new website for wallpaper designer Hattie Lloyd, featuring an online shop which enables them to sell their products online. We used the WooCommerce platform to build and design a simple-looking shop which lets the wallpaper designs speak for themselves, making the process of buying wallpaper easier and more intuitive for customers. The platform also makes it easy for Hattie Lloyd to update their product range as new designs are released.

The online shop is complimented by a product gallery, news system, links to social media and a contact form.

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