Category: Web Applications

Bespoke web application: My Health Today

My Health Today is a survey website set up to collect data on people’s experience of their own health. Using a system called EQ-5D, developed by the EuroQoL Group, it produces a measurement of health in terms of five different areas: mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain and discomfort, and anxiety and depression.

by Andy Reading 26 May 2011

Beacon Dodsworth web applications

G-commerce company Beacon Dodsworth have made some of their applications available as web apps, meaning that their technology can be integrated into a website. You can try out some demos of their applications on their website. P² People & Places …

by Andy Reading 5 May 2011

Laurence Sterne Trust, EMDR Extra and McCartney Lettings

Laurence Sterne Trust at Shandy Hall Shandy Hall in Coxwold, North Yorkshire, was the home of 18th Century vicar, novelist and celebrity Laurence Sterne. It is now a public museum, housing a collection of his work. It also incorporates a …

by Andy Reading 29 Jun 2010

E-commerce made easier

York Food and Drink Festival has been an important event in York’s gourmet calendar for years, and is rapidly extending its scope from York to the whole of Yorkshire. We have created a shopping cart system for them. We have …

Hygiene compliance software

Introduction In April 2008 we were approached by one of our clients to begin developing a hygiene code compliance tool for use within the NHS. During development a number of NHS trusts were trialling the system and providing feedback, suggestions …

by Andy Reading 2 Dec 2009

Lets get automated

York letting agents City Lets, one of our growing number of property clients, are now enjoying a feature on their website that allows their properties to be featured on a range of other websites in addition to on their own. …

by Andy Reading 13 Nov 2009

Document management system for intranets

Recently we began developing a file management system for one of our clients. Our client intends on using the system to replace their existing intranet website. The company’s intranet is used for sharing approximately 500 documents with their employees, and …

by Andy Reading 6 Oct 2009