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Why do websites get hacked?

In this article we explore the basics of website attacks, the motivation behind them, and some common ways in which attackers can get unauthorised access. This is not a technical article, and assumes no prior web security knowledge – it aims to provide an overview of the sort of website hacking that we see most often.

by Andy Reading 22 Jul 2016

Our recipe for WordPress security

WordPress is a powerful and secure content management system (CMS) when used correctly. The quality and security of a WordPress-based website relies on the knowledge and approach of the developers. Castlegate IT are expert developers in WordPress and understand how to use it to build professional, robust and secure content-managed websites.

Designing content managed websites

Content management systems give users control over the text, images, and other media that appear on their website. They can be powerful tools, but they vary differently from the typical programs used to edit print media. We discuss the considerations required when designing for content managed websites.

by John Hughes 22 Aug 2013

How wide is your website?

These days, almost everyone has a large, high resolution, widescreen monitor and so you might think it doesn’t matter how wide you design a website. Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple but there are ways of making more use …

by John Hughes 9 Aug 2013

Fonts on the web

When you are designing a website, one important decision is the choice of fonts. Although the decision itself might be difficult, switching the font used in a graphics file is easy: you just pick one from a list of all the fonts on your computer. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to use that font on a live website.

by John Hughes 12 Jul 2013

How to comply with the EU cookie law

In May 2011 the EU passed a law which requires websites to ask users’ permission before placing non essential cookies on their computer. The UK government gave a year’s grace before enforcement began on May 26th 2012. Here’s what you need to know.

by Andy Reading 27 Jun 2012