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Justified text on the web revisited

Since we published our original post on justified text, we have received a lot of feedback, had a lot of heated debates, and seen the technology behind web typography continue to improve. So we thought it was about time we revisited the topic and asked again: should you use justified text on the web?

by John Hughes 20 Sep 2016

Ten ways to keep WordPress secure

The quality and security of a WordPress-based website relies on the knowledge and approach of the developers. We share our top ten developer considerations for keeping your installation secure.

by Andy Reading 22 Jul 2016

CKAN and WordPress integration

We’ve just launched York Open Data, built on two open source platforms, CKAN and WordPress. At first glance, CKAN and WordPress integration seemed like a complex task but it needn’t be. This article explores our approach.

by Andy Reading 27 Mar 2015

Can justified text be justified for the web?

Can justified text be justified for the web? The answer, in case you were wondering, is no! As you continue to read this article I will explain the disadvantages of justified text, and when it should be used. To begin, I would like to explain my reasons for writing this blog post.

by Andy Reading 4 Sep 2013

Designing content managed websites

Content management systems give users control over the text, images, and other media that appear on their website. They can be powerful tools, but they vary differently from the typical programs used to edit print media. We discuss the considerations required when designing for content managed websites.

by John Hughes 22 Aug 2013

How wide is your website?

These days, almost everyone has a large, high resolution, widescreen monitor and so you might think it doesn’t matter how wide you design a website. Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple but there are ways of making more use …

by John Hughes 9 Aug 2013

Fonts on the web

When you are designing a website, one important decision is the choice of fonts. Although the decision itself might be difficult, switching the font used in a graphics file is easy: you just pick one from a list of all the fonts on your computer. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to use that font on a live website.

by John Hughes 12 Jul 2013

Getting your web server mail through spam filters

Most of the websites we build have some need to send email out – even if it’s just a contact form to pass on enquiries to the business. For the more complex web applications we may need to send out email in bulk. This can be made pretty painful thanks to the ubiquitous spam filters that mailboxes will put in our way. Here’s what we’ve learnt.

by Andy Reading 16 Jan 2013

The Campaign Monitor email editor

A well maintained mailing list sending relevant emails to clients or prospects can be a great addition to any business. There are many services out there to help manage the design and sending of email campaigns. In this article I’ll be looking at Campaign Monitor and their new and improved email editor.

by Jim Semlyen 3 Dec 2012

How to comply with the EU cookie law

In May 2011 the EU passed a law which requires websites to ask users’ permission before placing non essential cookies on their computer. The UK government gave a year’s grace before enforcement began on May 26th 2012. Here’s what you need to know.

by Andy Reading 27 Jun 2012