Alcoholics Anonymous featured image


Alcoholics Anonymous featured image

Alcoholics Anonymous

Founded in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (‘AA’) is a fellowship of over two million members worldwide who share their experiences to solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. AA’s only requirement for membership is a desire to …

by Sunny Simmons 10 Jun 2024

M&S Archive

The M&S Archive is a unique collection of photographs, films, audio recordings, documents, and merchandise from the company’s rich history. It was established in 1984, on Marks & Spencer’s 100th anniversary, and is currently housed in the Michael Marks Building …

by Sunny Simmons 21 Sep 2023
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Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Aid Unlimited is an animal rescue charity operating in Udaipur, India. Through their outstanding fundraising efforts, they receive thousands of online donations each week. This is helped in no small part by their hugely popular YouTube channel, where their …

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Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts is a social enterprise that works in partnership to ensure people are part of strong, inclusive communities with real opportunities to connect, create, and contribute. They achieve this by supporting people in setting up community micro-enterprises in their …

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British Bryological Society

The field of Bryology concerns itself with the study of small plants known as bryophytes (these include mosses, hornworts and liverworts). Born out of the Moss Exchange Club in 1923, the British Bryological Society is believed to be the oldest …


SASH is a York-based charity working to help prevent youth homelessness throughout the North and East of Yorkshire. They have a network of volunteers who can provide a room for a young person aged 16-25. Their host network is specially …

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North Yorkshire East Federation of Women’s Institutes

The brief When NYEFWI came to Castlegate IT, they did not have an established web presence. The process for booking their popular events was entirely paper-based which was limiting their reach and influence. They wanted a site which would showcase the range of events on offer and take the booking …

by Sunny Simmons 17 May 2023
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Crustacean Industry Welfare Hub

The Crustacean Industry Welfare Hub (CIWH) is an initiative launched by nonprofit Crustacean Compassion to help seafood companies improve welfare standards for decapod crustaceans in their supply chain. It was founded in 2022 after crustaceans were recognised as sentient in …

by Sunny Simmons 28 Apr 2023
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Autism Plus

Autism Plus is a national charity that provides life-changing support for people with autism, learning disabilities and complex needs. Founded in 1986 and based in Sheffield, the charity’s focus is to empower neurodivergent individuals to live happier, more independent lives …

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Natural Voice Network

The Natural Voice Network is a community who share a common ethos around singing and group voice work. Founded over 25 years ago, NVN grew from the work of Frankie Armstrong, a prolific voice and speech trainer. The Natural Voice Network aims to support …

by Sunny Simmons 9 Jan 2023