Document management system for intranets

Recently we began developing a file management system for one of our clients. Our client intends on using the system to replace their existing intranet website. The company’s intranet is used for sharing approximately 500 documents with their employees, and updating this manually was becoming time consuming and unfeasible.

Our system allows the client to create/edit/delete categories and sub categories to help organise the documents. Previously they would have had to create a new page with Microsoft Frontpage and then modify other pages to insert appropriate links to it.

With our easy to use admin system our client can now navigate through their category structure, quickly edit or delete categories and also add new ones. Previously this was a very time consuming task and as a result the system was infrequently maintained.



Adding documents to the system requires you to fill in a short form and select a document to upload. The system allows storing of documents in multiple categories and have multiple related documents. These documents can be “tagged” with custom key words that are searchable in addition to the title and descriptions of the document. This can be extremely useful in helping users find files. In addition, certain information is automatically detected such as file size, type and date uploaded, all of these can be used to order search results.



Other features include featured documents which appear on the home page for all users to see, most popular or recently uploaded documents, document relevance to help find only the documents relevent to your part of the company, and much more…



We plan on expanding this system to include many more features and enhanced functionality such as version control for multiple users, and even user workgroups where certain users can share and track files that are not publicly available. Of course, with all our applications they are bespoke and can be altered or new features added to suit your exact needs.



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