Website speed has never been so important

A massive speed boost for your website

Google favours fast websites and so do your customers. Faster websites rank higher in search results, increase conversion rates, and keep users happy.

Our new optimised WordPress hosting can boost page load speed by more than 400%.*

400% is a bold claim, but that’s typical of the improvement after migrating to the new platform. Home page load times have been slashed from 3 seconds to 500 milliseconds or less!

Since we moved our Google positions have increased across the board. We’re now outperforming every other York-based web company for local searches and gaining ground rapidly with our nationally targeted landing pages.

Fast low-cost hosting is new

Standard website hosting is designed to run all manner of websites efficiently. When designed to run a single application, such as WordPress, it’s possible to make hosting very fast through highly specific performance optimisations. 

This kind of hosting is new and wasn’t available when we launched many of our existing client’s websites. We’re excited about the benefits it will bring to our client’s businesses. We’d love to tell you more about it, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

Get in touch: 01904 654036

* Results vary depending on your website, the measurement method and your internet connection. We provide before and after results via the Pingdom Tools London test centre.

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