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Mobile-friendly responsive design and development

Smartphones and tablets are now the primary means of accessing the internet. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and they are always to hand. Making your website work well on mobile has become a necessity.

by Jim Semlyen 10 Sep 2015

New office!

Anyone who’s come in to see us in the last year will probably notice that things were getting a little …cosy. So we’ve made the move to a new office. We’re out of the basement that’s functioned as our subterranean nest whilst we’ve been growing, and we’re up in a new, sunlight-filled first-floor office on Walmgate.

by Andy Reading 15 May 2015

Opening up data

Over the past few months we’ve been working with the City of York Council Business Intelligence Hub on a new Open Data platform for York. This website will act as a repository for publicly available data on almost any aspect of life in York. Initially the data is being supplied by the Council’s own internal business systems, but other public-sector organisations will be coming on board. The system could become the clearinghouse for anyone in York who wants to open their datasets to the public.

by Andy Reading 24 Mar 2015

Portfolio update: e-commerce sites from Castlegate IT

We demonstrate some of the essential features and qualities of an industry standard e-commerce website, using recent Castlegate IT projects as case studies.

by Jim Semlyen 10 Apr 2014

Portfolio update: bespoke WordPress development

Examples from our portfolio demonstrate some of the ways in which Castlegate IT has used WordPress development to enhance websites or design them from scratch.

WordPress for bespoke development

It’s easy to make a great blog with WordPress, but how can the platform be used to make a competitive, professional website?

by John Hughes 12 Mar 2014

Responsive design for ecommerce: Boxing Day 2013’s mobile sales prove the value

We asked local journalist Pete Wise to investigate the impact of mobile devices on e-commerce over Christmas Day 2013. Are buying habits changing, what’s the long term trend and with more consumers shopping online with mobile devices, what should websites be doing differently?

by Jim Semlyen 5 Mar 2014

Responsive web design comes to York

In the UK, more than half of mobile users now have a smartphone and the number is growing all the time. Mobile websites have become common, but they can be expensive and more complex to manage. Responsive web design is a new technique that makes it possible to build a single site that adapts dynamically to different screen sizes, from tiny mobiles to giant desktop monitors. You can expect to see more responsive sites—especially from Castlegate IT!

by John Hughes 29 Jun 2012

It only took a change of name

In a way, it’s a good problem to have: we’ve been so busy working hard on clients’ websites, we’ve neglected our own for a long time! We often talked about it in the office, we had big plans and amazing ideas for our lovely new website. We started talks years ago and the sitemap I sketched out has been sat on my desk ever since. It seems to have been used as a drinks coaster whilst serving as a great reminder that we need a new website!

by Andy Reading 1 Mar 2012