Hygiene compliance software


In April 2008 we were approached by one of our clients to begin developing a hygiene code compliance tool for use within the NHS.

During development a number of NHS trusts were trialling the system and providing feedback, suggestions and features to improve the system. Now, more than 18 months later, the infection control audit software has been further developed and is now being used by approximately 20 NHS trusts.

The developers

The system was developed in-house by Andy Reading under the guidance of David Miller and John Horton of Klarient Limited.

Klarient is a business-focussed IT consultancy, which provide management and technical consultancy services with a particular focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Audit and Compliance solutions.

Klarient provide services to both the private and public sectors and have in-depth experience in healthcare sector at local and national levels.

Find out more about Klarient’s identity and access management solutions and infection control software.

The Hygiene Compliance Software

Named Saving Lives, the system is an easy to use web-based tool which allows health organisations to record and manage their compliance with the Hygiene Code.

Its core features are:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Accessible from any PC with a web browser and internet access
  • Clear and easy navigation for users to enter self-assessment scores, actions, progress updates and produce reports based on this data
  • Links to local documents, such as policies or surveillance data, to provide supporting evidence
  • Simple traffic light system highlights priority areas
  • Clear graphical trend reporting showing improvements over time
  • Detailed action reports showing all actions, status and progress
  • An audit trail of all updates

What the users think…

Darren Nelson, Infection Prevention and Control Service Manager, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust:

We found the web-based tool really easy to use and really like the way we can cut data and reports and drill down, very helpful. The key thing for us is the time it saves.

Whenever required we can pull off the latest reports at the required level of detail for the Trust Infection Control Committee, the Infection Control Team Meeting or the Exec. Team.

Vanessa Whatley, Lead Nurse Infection Control, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust:

As you know we are using the tool ‘in anger’ now. I must say how easy it is to keep the action plan up to date and access the system. The format of the system is straightforward and uncomplicated, enables frequent update of the action plan and withdrawal of information for reports.

Shared access to the system to update the plan and access the current situation has the potential to save a considerable amount of time, keep to timescales and share ownership.

Evaluation version

An evaluation version of the software is available at the hygiene code compliance tool website.

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