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Getting your web server mail through spam filters

Most of the websites we build have some need to send email out – even if it’s just a contact form to pass on enquiries to the business. For the more complex web applications we may need to send out email in bulk. This can be made pretty painful thanks to the ubiquitous spam filters that mailboxes will put in our way. Here’s what we’ve learnt.

by Andy Reading 16 Jan 2013

The Campaign Monitor email editor

A well maintained mailing list sending relevant emails to clients or prospects can be a great addition to any business. There are many services out there to help manage the design and sending of email campaigns. In this article I’ll be looking at Campaign Monitor and their new and improved email editor.

by Jamie Woolgar 3 Dec 2012

i-Travel York: a smart site for intelligent travel

Back in 2010 we built the City of York Council a website to support and showcase their Cycling City York project. This week the Council unveiled its next step: i-Travel York. We’re proud to be able to claim responsibility for the accompanying website again.

by Andy Reading 20 Sep 2012

Responsive web design comes to York

In the UK, more than half of mobile users now have a smartphone and the number is growing all the time. Mobile websites have become common, but they can be expensive and more complex to manage. Responsive web design is a new technique that makes it possible to build a single site that adapts dynamically to different screen sizes, from tiny mobiles to giant desktop monitors. You can expect to see more responsive sites—especially from Castlegate IT!

by John Hughes 29 Jun 2012

How to comply with the EU cookie law

In May 2011 the EU passed a law which requires websites to ask users’ permission before placing non essential cookies on their computer. The UK government gave a year’s grace before enforcement began on May 26th 2012. Here’s what you need to know.

by Andy Reading 27 Jun 2012

It only took a change of name

In a way, it’s a good problem to have: we’ve been so busy working hard on clients’ websites, we’ve neglected our own for a long time! We often talked about it in the office, we had big plans and amazing ideas for our lovely new website. We started talks years ago and the sitemap I sketched out has been sat on my desk ever since. It seems to have been used as a drinks coaster whilst serving as a great reminder that we need a new website!

by Andy Reading 1 Mar 2012

A new site for Royal Fireworks Press

Royal Fireworks Press is an long-established publisher of books for gifted children over the pond in the USA. We built a site for them way back in the day, which by now was starting to look really long-in-the-tooth. So it’s time for a revamp!

by Gemma Cowton 19 Jan 2012

New Barry Crux & Co site launched

Chartered Surveyors Barry Crux & Co have a long-established reputation as one of the top independent commercial property agents in the North of England. Their website was in need of an overhaul, and we were very glad to be commissioned to give it a makeover and improve their online property catalogue. We think the design is one of our best so far.

by Andy Reading 9 Jun 2011

Bespoke web application: My Health Today

My Health Today is a survey website set up to collect data on people’s experience of their own health. Using a system called EQ-5D, developed by the EuroQoL Group, it produces a measurement of health in terms of five different areas: mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain and discomfort, and anxiety and depression.

by Andy Reading 26 May 2011

Beacon Dodsworth web applications

G-commerce company Beacon Dodsworth have made some of their applications available as web apps, meaning that their technology can be integrated into a website. You can try out some demos of their applications on their website. P² People & Places …

by Andy Reading 5 May 2011