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A new site for Royal Fireworks Press

Royal Fireworks Press is an long-established publisher of books for gifted children over the pond in the USA. We built a site for them way back in the day, which by now was starting to look really long-in-the-tooth. So it’s time for a revamp!

by Jim Semlyen 19 Jan 2012

New Barry Crux & Co site launched

Chartered Surveyors Barry Crux & Co have a long-established reputation as one of the top independent commercial property agents in the North of England. Their website was in need of an overhaul, and we were very glad to be commissioned to give it a makeover and improve their online property catalogue. We think the design is one of our best so far.

by Andy Reading 9 Jun 2011

Bespoke web application: My Health Today

My Health Today is a survey website set up to collect data on people’s experience of their own health. Using a system called EQ-5D, developed by the EuroQoL Group, it produces a measurement of health in terms of five different areas: mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain and discomfort, and anxiety and depression.

by Andy Reading 26 May 2011

Beacon Dodsworth web applications

G-commerce company Beacon Dodsworth have made some of their applications available as web apps, meaning that their technology can be integrated into a website. You can try out some demos of their applications on their website. P² People & Places …

by Andy Reading 5 May 2011

Laurence Sterne Trust, EMDR Extra and McCartney Lettings

Laurence Sterne Trust at Shandy Hall Shandy Hall in Coxwold, North Yorkshire, was the home of 18th Century vicar, novelist and celebrity Laurence Sterne. It is now a public museum, housing a collection of his work. It also incorporates a …

by Andy Reading 29 Jun 2010

E-commerce made easier

York Food and Drink Festival has been an important event in York’s gourmet calendar for years, and is rapidly extending its scope from York to the whole of Yorkshire. We have created a shopping cart system for them. We have …

Four new medical sites

Since the end of last year we’ve been working on five new sites for doctors’ surgeries and medical centres, all of which have commissioned our document management system for intranets. All of the sites use Snippetmaster Pro for their content …

by Andy Reading 28 Jan 2010

Personalised newsletters and mailing list management

For any business, staying in touch with potential and existing customers regularly is very important, and the most cost-effective way to do this is via email. However, it’s important to have an efficient system through which to sent the emails. …

by Andy Reading 12 Jan 2010

Hygiene compliance software

Introduction In April 2008 we were approached by one of our clients to begin developing a hygiene code compliance tool for use within the NHS. During development a number of NHS trusts were trialling the system and providing feedback, suggestions …

by Andy Reading 2 Dec 2009

All about bicycles

Whilst I’m waiting for a big upload to finish, I thought I’d take a moment to talk to you all about bicycles. We’ve been working for some time with Get Cycling – nationally renowned cycling promoters and purveyors of all …

by Andy Reading 26 Nov 2009